Headquartered on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Providing Prep, Production, Editing, Color Correction, Visual Effects, Music, and Distribution Services in the Virgin Islands to Clients Worldwide

From Pre-production to Post Production...

Stargazer Studios provides everything from a la carte services to all-inclusive production packages plus post production services and facilities with advanced editing, color correction, and visual effects suites.



In support of your pre-production needs in the USVI, our services include, casting, crew, locations, office space, high-speed internet, printers, and more.


Both in-house and through our partners, we offer van rentals, picture cars, boats, green screens, set/still photography, camera and accessory rentals, drone photography, walkie accessories and more.


We are equipped with Mac Pro and iMac Pro work stations as well as color accurate monitors for all of your post production needs.


Providing quality gear...

Through our local and global partners we have a significant inventory of gear and equipment you will need including camera equipment, sound gear, truck rentals, etc. We are equipped to supply a majority of the needs you will have while shooting a feature film.

We have only the best quality equipment to ensure that productions go as smooth as possible. Providing productions the quality your film deserves.

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